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Building a board

So in a not entirely unexpected development, I decided to replace the paper game board for TWD:All Out War with my own one. And since I didn’t buy the kickstarter version I didn’t get cool scenic pieces either like the barricades, so I’m making them as well.

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So the board is a simple piece of thin blue foam (mounted on foamboard for a little stability, but still light). Then I textured it to look somewhat similar to the real mat. Using various grades of sandpaper I edged the road, then went at it with a heavy scriber to add in cracks and damage. Finally my old staple of a rolled up piece of tin foil gave the whole thing texture. I even gouged the foam in places with the tin foil to make the road look a little more broken.

Next for strength, to keep the edges tidy and in one piece, I used tape around the edge. I was going to use gaffer tape, but the gorilla tape was cheaper. Wish I’d stuck with gaffer though, actually getting the tape off the roll was a pain. Hopefully that means it’ll keep the edges safe for a long time!

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Finally for this update, here’s a group shot of the collection of barricades. Six of them to replace the standard card ones in the box, plus a couple of fences (made from plasterboard joining tape, cheers to the guy on leadadventure for the tip) for a little scatter terrain.

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I’ve already started the painting, as soon as I have them all drybrushed I’ll get some pics before flocking the grass.

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