TWD All Out War

Zombie Goodness

Really loving this Walking Dead stuff. I’ve said it before, but when so many of my projects are huge spiralling things it’s nice to work on something with a definitive boundary.

My core set is nearly painted up, I’ll get photos of that when they’re done. There are 18 28mm(ish) models in the set. Then I’ve started painting up a truck I got from the pound shop. I also have a couple of other bits and bobs kicking around.

And then I went to one of my favourite sites, TTCombat and bought this:

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Isn’t it purdy? I also may have bought the Dinogas station, which will be getting assembled soon.

Oh and in fantastic news, our new house is nearly built and in three weeks or so I’ll have a hobby room again! Can’t wait to get all my kit out of storage and start creating again.

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