Watchhouse Overview

Got the roof of the watch house done today, so thought I’d take some pics of the whole caboodle. First pic shows the courtyard area. I need to do something with the wall, I’m thinking iron railings along the top. At the back at the stables, unfortunately in taking this I realised with the cobbles down the arches are rather low (I’d guess around 7ft in real money). Not sure it that buggers the stables idea or not. May end up being a storage area or something.

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Second shot is a full height pic of the tower in all its glory. I’m rather happy with the dimensions, is quite pleasing to the eye. The bridge will join in the arch on the right hand side.

The final two shots show the street at the front. Not sure if I’m going to do a gateway into the courtyard, or just let it be formed naturally by the tower bridge. However once detailed I think the street should work nicely.

Going to work on timbering the watch house next, then it’ll be texturing and painting time. All very exciting!

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