Watch Tower Roof

The watchtower roof is now complete. Very happy with the finished result, colour is a little darker than shows in the pics. The build was easy, and the paintjob itself very simple. A bright blue undercoat, a black wash (both cheap poster paint), then drybrush with a light grey to “mucky” it up a bit.

I’m going to use this roof style across all the slate roofed buildings. I figure a small town like this would most likely use the same quarry anyway and it’ll bring uniformity across the rag tag collection of buildings.

Also done the wooden balustrade around the top of the tower, as well as the door. This all needs painting now.

Having trouble casting enough floor blocks for the base, might need to buy a different mould. I only have 1 of the pieces I need, and I need several dozen to get it finished. Most frustrating.

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