Project Overview

Coming off the back of getting those airfix robogear kits I was thinking of a way of incorporating that flyer. I had only intended to use the engines, rather than the rather orky looking cockpit. I came up with an idea for a small lander craft, used to deliver a scout vehicle way ahead of the advancing line.

I wanted the scout vehicle to be compact, almost blocky looking, whilst still retaining some nice lines and of course having some armament. I started playing around in Maya to see what ideas I could come up. I'll look at the lander once the car is finished.

The name Prodromos is intended to tie into the Greek theme that runs through a lot of the GW IG vehicles. Prodromos is an ancient Greek cavalry unit used for scouting. Apparently. Isn't the internet a marvellous thing? Plus I liked it, reminded me of Aliens for some reason…

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