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Right, much progress. This thing is taking bloody hours though! Note to self, don't make any more..

I'm pretty much there on the structure of the interior. I wanted the gunner's side to feel like it wrapped around him, with a bank of control panels. He's not just the gunner you see, also got to do all the data recording and other stuff that makes this a scout vehicle rather than a fast shooty thing.

In front of him on the large panel I'm going to try and greenstuff (can I use that as a verb?) a monitor and controls. On the second panel is a smaller monitor, from the handlebars of one of the bikes that's providing the front wheels. Then the side panel will be various dials and what nots, probably bits from an auspex too.

The drivers side is a little more spartan, but I've built him a console to support the controls, and I'm going to do pedals too (just two.. I figure by the 40whatsit millennium they might finally have figured out how to build an automatic gearbox that can change gear smoothly and quickly).

Basics of the seats are done, but need to add greenstuff again to try and build up some padding. Not going to go nuts here since they'll be obscured!

I'm probably going to encase the rollcage girders since I want it to look a bit more factory built than the buggy. Once all that's done it'll be well on its way! I've also started mucking around with some 3d models to try and come up with a design for the lander craft I like. Not there yet..

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