A Beginning

Thought I'd try and document this project from the start, so here's my first update with about two hours work having taken place (including 3d design time!).

The car has been started, the idea being to match the 3D model as closely as possibly initially. Once I have the basic structure in place I'll detail the interior to my liking. First thing I noticed is the cockpit is nice and large compared to the drivers. I'm going to add some stowage behind the drivers seat, but possibly mount the gunner slightly further back and give him a reasonable amount of equipment to play with. I figure as a scouting vehicle it has to make an effort to record information, right?

I'm going to use one of the razorback targetters I've got kicking around up on the front end, not in the 3d model, to act as a recording device doobrey. Then I was thinking of trying to model the gunner leaning forward looking into a scope as if he's surverying the terrain through this. Hey if it works it'll look good. Otherwise it'll look like they've stopped too quickly and he's done himself a mischief. We shall see..

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