First Update

I wasn't going to post this project log until I was a bit further along, since as always dubious about how far this one will get. But I thought people might like to see how I go about these sort of projects. That way you can learn how not to do it 😉

I modelled it up in maya in an hour or so, which explains the crude design. I wanted a faceted look though, sort of pseudo-stealth type thing. Plus I have this thing about low-poly models, so I'd love to have a go at a "real" version.

Original design had two pilots, but partly due to fluff and partly due to size constraints I've dropped it to one. The idea is this is a recon vessel only, as the sentinels are in fluff (no idea how they really play in games, since you know, I don't game). The weapon is more a self defence thing. As such I thought the need for a gunner is a bit unnecessary, the pilot can manage the to cope I'm sure. Plus gives me more room to play with.

The dangling tail thing comes from a rather swanky g-police render I found on the tinterweb. Not sure if it's an official model or a fan thing. But it had a really long tail that reminded me of a fishing pole. Didn't have the room to do it on this since I'm trying to keep the footprint small, but I liked the arc and the downsloped rear wings.

Modeling has now begin, albeit slowly. I was planning on doing three of these at once, but the plastic work is proving really awkward. My design was too rough around the edges and I'm having to do some serious bodging to get it to fit. I'm sure it'll work in the end, but the idea of doing three right now is a little much.

Going to try and remember to take lots of photos as it builds up. Plan is to start the turbofans tomorrow.

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