More updates. I forgot to take photos of the fans in construction, but I think it's fairly obvious. Just two plates, one top one bottom, around a small section of pvc pipe. Then wrapped right around the outside is a thin layer of card. One one end I've got two thickers pieces of card with a hole drills in. These will be glued to the support arm. The arm will then rotate inside the fuselage, so the fans can go from hover to forward mode.

Also done a lot more work on the body, filling in the gaps. Once it's all constructed and solid I'll file down all the joints, then use filler to smooth them out. Hopefully the end result will be seamless.

Taken a few shots with the pilot dumped in for scale. It's not quite as I wanted it, but I was lazy and rather than create my own centre for the fans I used a bit of pipe I had laying around. Unfortunately it was a bit larger than intended. Hopefully the finished thing will look ok. Still, seems to be coming together nicely.

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