Project Overview

I’ve been a fan of the Squat gyrocopter ever since I saw it, lord knows how many years ago that was now. I always preferred the epic squats to the 40k ones, they were more mechanical and had some really cool gizmos.

Anyway when trying to come up with a decent sentinel proxy for my guard army I thought I’d have a go at a mini gyrocopter. Sort of squats meets g-police.

Messed around in maya to come up with a design which is evolving far more during creation than I’d like.

It needs a name, which I’m struggling to come up with. I thought perhaps something like Gnome (or some variant there of). That way the pilots can nickname them lawn-ornaments, a pratchettian tribute to the dwarf/squats. See kind of makes sense. I’d like to stay away from insect names, everything that flies these days seems to be a wasp or a bee or something similar. We shall see.

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