First Entry

First log entry, but most of the building work is done. Like a lot of these random ideas I get, I wasn't sure if it would work or not. As it happens I think it turned out ok. I was really worried about it looking too much like a rhino, but the chimera tracks and the covering over the front armour I think helps there.

Coming up with a turret was a nightmare. Tried so many things, but I wanted one that looked like a multilaser without looking like a standard chimera one (quite aside from the fact I didn't have one spare..). In the end it's just some random space marine tank hatch (but doesn't fit the new rhino hatches, no idea what it's from), an old hatch cover, a bit of plasticard and a gun from robogear. I'll greenstuff in the holes in the muzzle to get rid of the machine gun look. Aside from those though I think it's a good substitute for a multilaser.

I'm sure many of you will recognise all the yellow green parts, they're from an academy M113 Fitter kit. The crane is fantastic, and to be honest the reason I bought the kit a couple of years ago. It's been stashed waiting for a suitable project. The rest of the equipment is great, but I think the two huge gas bottles on the back are my favourites. Actually as far as military model kits go, that fitter is by far the best equiped I've seen, literally dozens of optional extras. Anyway..

Lots of bits to do. Need to patch the hole behind the front armour and detail the white plasticard where the heavy flamer is. Then the big gap behind the turret is going to be piled up with crates of spares. Possibly a couple of heavy weapons, all packed away and ready to be installed onto damaged tanks. A few other things like spare tracks and so on to go on the track guards (which have been extended, pretty happy with those).

Overall really happy with the way the project was going. Was really dubious at one point, but I think with the other rhino/chimeras around it it should stand out and look special, whilst still being part of the army.

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