Project Overview

I always intended to include an enginseer in my army, but didn’t really have any ideas. The model itself will probably be the forgeworld titan one, since it’s fantastic. But I wanted to have a go and making a suitable transport.

My chimeras are all going to be a cross between the chimera and rhino chassis (see the relevant project page). My intention was to sell the remaining parts of the boxed sets, since buying sprues is unpractical, and I could recoup a lot of money from the original cost.

However I was tempted in the first instance to use the remaining parts to kitbash a special custom chimera for my enginseer. The way I see it he should have a pretty fancy ride, him being all knowledgeable and such. Only question remaining is do I create more non-enginseer specific ones from my future chimeras to sell on ebay, or will I just make more money selling the unfettered sprues?

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