Angels of Elutriation

First Models Painted

Got the first squad painted up then. Just the guys from the AoBR kit (how much better than the 2nd ed guys are these? amazing to see how far the ‘cheap’ marines have come).

Happy with the scheme now, bone primer, devlan mud wash, bone highlight. Red is just dark flesh, devlan mud (god bless devlan, hider of sins), gore red highlight. Metal work is black, drybrush tinbitz, drybrush brassy brass. Bases are just my usual brown, wash, graveyard earth, desert yellow, bone majobby.

Their rhino is done too. Nothing special, just an old shape rhino with a few tweaks to replace ebay damage. Quite like the stormbolter, which is a cut-n-shut of bike bolters.

Finally the furioso is done except for some iconography. Very happy with this. I ebayed it a while back, painted it awfully and just ignored it. Stripped and now has a better paintjob and I’m happy. I’m also quite pleased with the base, just a blank base, couple of types of sand, some little pebbles and a spot of plasticard. Just makes the model seem so much bigger.

Librarian is underway, next marine squad is primed and partly red/washed. The land raider is nearly assembled. I’d have got further, but I had a good go at removing my finger tip with a knife, then I was away last weekend. It’s still moving forward though. Impetus is a huge thing for me. Once I’m bored the project is shelved for 18months or so!

Tactical Squad
Tactical Squad
Furioso Dread
Furioso Dread Rear
Furioso Dread base
Rhino Side
Rhino Top

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