Angels of Elutriation
RT Marines

Project Plan

A busy easter weekend then. Lots done on these guys, though on many different projects as usual. I could do with sorting out a new section and splitting these out as I go, but for now they can stay here.

The rhino is nearly saved and ready for spraying. This was part of a bulk ebay purchase (along with a mk1 land raider that I modded for the Dark Angels, and a Leman Russ that’ll be chopped for the Kiv) and needed a fair bit of work. Sanded and reshaped, bodged up some hatches and we’re pretty much sorted. Need to do exhausts next.

Lots of random photos of RT/2nd Ed models I’m going to use.

Tactical Squad
Jumppack Marine
Jumppack marine rear

Worth a note are my assault marines. I’ve never owned jump pack marines in all my 20years in the hobby. No idea why, just never have. I’ve had several attempts at making my own but never to any real success. So I thought I’d have another bash. They need detailing, but I like the basic design. And cheaper than buying the chapterhouse ones.

Jumppack Assembly
Furioso Dread
eBay Rhino Rescue
RT Marines
Land Speeders

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