First Painted Building!

Woo, first building is complete. Well ok it needs a little tidying, and it’s probably the smallest building I’ll do, but still, huzzah.

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The small house is for the brewery tile, I’m going to do another one of a similar size to go next to it, overlooking the brewery courtyard.

I’m not 100% sure about the finish, I’m not the world’s greatest painter by any stretch, but I like to try and develop a style early on in a project that I like, and I’ll be happy to continue throughout. The “white” bits were a bit of a pain. Everything was primed black, then I tried to drybrush white upwards, the whole thing ended up looking like a black and white photo!

So I used a white wash (never done a wash in white before) to flatten out the panels and it looked better. The advantage being it also loosened some of the black primer giving the white a streaky, weather worn look. It would benefit from further weathering and the like, I may come back to it later.

The roof line needs a little tidying, always the way when you come to photo it you spot the errors. Probably because it’s so much bigger on screen. Finally the wood work would definitely benefit from another, lighter tone drybrush. It’s only had one so far.

However these things aside I’m rather happy with the end result, certainly from a couple of feet away (as I expect the whole thing to be viewed) it’s rather effective.

Not been a wasted weekend, the watchhouse tower is almost painted, and the watchhouse itself is now textured. Also casting like crazy for the next new tile. Oooh, suspense huh?

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