Brewery Base

Done a bit more to the brewery base. I appreciate this blog isn’t really showing the whole picture, so I’ll try and take more explanatory photos.

Click to zoom

This is the type of bases I’m using for the whole town. 40cm squared. The polystyrene is about 2inches thick, and it will go up to three layers high. The first layer is the basic road, allowing for digging down for the canal and sewers/basement steps etc.

The second and third layer will give me nice height to the whole town when complete. I hope.

The brewery goes up one level, but it will be an enclosed courtyard so it won’t need to join onto anything. All sides will be textured so tiles can butt together even if there are mismatched layers.

The space front right is for the town house, the little triangle front left is a running theme through the boards, just a small section of cobbles to give a consistency to the boards so they should join nicely. The roads are all done from textured wallpaper.

Should get a photo of each of the boards with the current buildings in place.

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