Mine Plow

Ok been getting on with this. I've pretty much completed the mine plow, as you can see below. It's based on the one from the M1, and I'm quite happy with it. The holes are there because I was going to have it pivoting down from idle pose to in use, but even though I got it working it was only shifting about 10mm and I thought it wasn't worth it. So it's going to be fixed just above the ground. Still needs some extra flappy bits attaching, which will also help to bulk it up and give it a real presence. Makes a nice change to the standard dozer blades I think.

Started adding details. Went for the storm bolter on the cupola. It's on a custom built mount and actually pivots too. Though if I was picky I'd redo it and push it a little further away so it wasn't crowding the hatch so much. But since I've glued the hatch shut now..

Front end armour is pretty much there, feels a lot tider I think that the standard one. Should balance the mine plow nicely.

I've just started painting my other Russ, sort of as a tester to a paint scheme. I'm working in desert yellow and dull red. I think the other tank will be all red as the main praetorian tank, but this one will be both to help tie in what I think wil be a cadian section in my praetorian army. We shall see, pics to follow.

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