Turret Armour

Panzer style turret armour. I always liked the way this looks on the tamiya models, and thought it'd be a great opportunity to hide the messy turret! Done in thin plasticard, little struts inside keep it away from the turret and details on the outside. Note sure if I'm going to add anything else, these seem to be quite clean, with the detailing on the actual turret itself.

Heavy armour around the sides. Had good fun doing this. Again more to hide the mess than anything, but adds real girth to the tank.

New barrel. Not quite sure what happened to the old one! Got gaps to fill on this, but looks pretty solid.

New hull weapon. The lascannon is from the razorback sprues I bought for the superheavy project, but I didn't want to mount it in the standard front. So I've reworked it and it's ended up looking more like the forgeworld variant hull. Needs more detailing though.

Track guards, again to hide the mess. But I quite like them. Going to detail them with some strips, and if I feel up to it rivets. Then pile on the little features and stuff.

Still need to add something to the front, I'm thinking a custom dozer-blade. Or possibly a mine plow, might look quite cool. Then need to figure out something to go on the turret. I do have a pintel mounted heavy stubber kicking around, but I thought I'd use that on my other leman russ to add interest to an intentionally plain model. So we'll see. Possibly a storm bolter, possibly nothing, just a closed hatch!

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