Sclupting Nearly Done

Jumping in half way on a project again. The sculpting work is nearly done. Something of a baptism of fire, done very little green stuff work before really. Never done any where I have to try and recreate the same thing more than once, so it was a fun challenge. As you can see from the goggles not 100% successful, but I'm still chuffed with the results.

For some reason I'm quite attached to this squad, they feel more like a necromunda gang than just a bunch of guys in a massive army. So I've named them and given them characters.

The proctor is, rather predictably, Sarge. Mainly because I never got around to removing the stripes from his left arm. But then that just built into his character. Ex-PDF sergeant who was recruited into the Arbites on Katul (massive back story to write about why they're there and who they are and so on, so be a bit flexible please). Posed here stomping towards a miscreant, shock maul in hand ready to knock some sense into them, and his bolt pistol just in case. Very chuffed with his beret, my first effort and will be used in all squads for proctors.

Bruno is the heavy stubber bearer. Hard life, lugging something that size around and something ex gang heavy Bruno had thought he'd left behind when he signed up. Still, it's hugely effective in a built up area. Note the special modifications he's made with the drum feed. Posed here squeezing off a few rounds, leaning back to balance the awesome beast and ready to take the recoil.

Jethro is usually seen providing cover for Bruno whilst he gets into position. Simple shotgun bearer, though note he carries the spare ammo for Bruno. Posed here advancing cautiosly.

Jake is the more sombre and stoic of the ex-gangers in the squad. Prone to using his expert knowledge of the city to head off criminals, then waiting quietly in a door way to pounce. Posed here in just such a situation, shotgun ready, grim look of inevitability in his eyes.

Finally is Grayson. A local recruit, though not a ganger, Grayson is desperately devoted to his home world. Unfortunately he's also known to be easily sidetracked by the scores of residents he calls friends, and regularly has to run to catch up with his patrol. Posed here after a brief word with Mr Spaskis about that excellent burtwerg sausage he bought last week.

Next step is the armoured transport for these guys. A repressor conversion.

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