Right, I need somewhere to just post ramblings. I’ve got so many outline ideas for my Arbites and I want to get as many down on paper before I forget. Maybe if I tweak the way I pull in the blog feeds I can do it here? Why the hell not.

Ok so the plans:

Arbites themselves. I’m having a shock team who are going to be old iKore Junkers. I’ve already painted two many years ago, so I’ll get pics up as a reference point. They need converting to remove their shotguns since in the BoLS rules shock teams don’t get shotguns. Shame. But do-able.

Two arbitrator teams. Planning a cross between scouts and cadians for these. Marc Raley did some awesome ones which won at Baltimore GD 06 that I’ll use as inspiration. Shotguns will either be scout shotguns, or some Heresy guns I’ve bought to try and modify. Will see how successful that is.

Sharpshooter team I’m undecided about at the moment, but if the arbitrators work well then I suppose more scouts with big rifles.

Pursuit team are going to be scout bikers, but I’m going to try and convert them and make them a little more unique. Obviously aiming towards a Judge Dredd theme with the whole army, so this seems a good opportunity. Not lawmasters, but definite hints of heritage.

Sentinel Squadron is going to be some converted AT43 Red Block stompy guys. Forget the name. I’m chopping them up and aiming for a similar look to the fantastic Special Ops dreadnaught over at under the couch. Not going as well as I’d hoped at the moment, was a big psychological hurdle to get around to start cutting up a prepainted mini.

I’m converting a rhino into a repressor, and I’ll do the same for a black maria (no chimeras in this army, oh no).

For the judge himself I’m undecided. I have an old Judge Dredd model which is tempting, as are the RT commissars I have. However the Titan Preceps from Forgeworld also looks quite judgey to me. I’m going to wait until the rest starts to come together and go from there.

Randomly I also have a squad of em4 miniatures Troopers who might be enlisted. The models themselves aren’t that great, though fantastically priced. But I painted one up the same time as the junkers and he looks ok. May end up being one of the Arbitrators teams or something.

I’m also going to modify my Prodromos scout vehicle for these guys, suits the urban road idiom far better than desert scout. I’m thinking modelling a heavy webber up top. I have several other ideas which are outside the BoLS rules scope, but I’ll probably just go for it anyway. It’s all good fun.

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