Cargo Speeder

To keep on with my terrain for my Star Wars Legion games, I put together a little workhorse cargo speeder. My intention is to have a cohesive story to the terrain pieces.

Cargo speeder

Like the Tatooine Buildings, there are no in progress shots before what’s shown I’m afraid. Construction here consists entirely of foamed pvc and styrene. I then did a little detailing with some plastic kits. The seat and dish on the front are from a Tamiya M113 kit, the exposed mechanicals are all styrene offcuts and kitbashed pieces. The ribbed tubing on the top of the cargo bed are from Anakin’s podracer.

For the engine I tried to V-35 Courier pods, albeit a little more simplistically. I did like the idea of this being a slow, underpowered utility speeder.

This is my first attempt at Star Wars greebling. I did my best to try and get enough detail in there for it to feel authentic to the setting.

Cargo speeder

For consistency I used the same crates as seen in front of the small hut seen below. I will be painting these ones blue to match.

I really enjoyed making the cargo speeder, a very different scratch build to usual. A lot more thought went into what’s going where and why.

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