The body is obviously a cadian with a sgts head. I've started work on the trench coat, but it needs more work (folds, smoothing, lapels, collar). I'm not going to […]


The whole thing was based on a flimsy armature, then covered in milliput, since it was cheap, lying around and I needed a lot of bulk. Then I covered the […]

Project Overview

This is my first attempt with green stuff. I've never sculpted before, and just wanted to try it out. I thought I'd go for something a little larger than the […]

Historical Account

Summary This is a historical account of the reclamation of the Kataan System for population and mining purposes. [External References: Hive Fleet Kraken, Ork Threat, Astronimicon Rating Alpha-Phi] Discovery The […]


The second sun was setting in the sky, finally following its sibling beyond the western dunes. The squad had been hiking all day. They’d been out on a scouting mission […]

Distress Call

This distress call had come in during the early hours, many of the men still resting ahead of the impending mission. “Infidels everywhere! We are overrun, we are dying. Send […]