The second sun was setting in the sky, finally following its sibling beyond the western dunes. The squad had been hiking all day. They’d been out on a scouting mission […]

Distress Call

This distress call had come in during the early hours, many of the men still resting ahead of the impending mission. “Infidels everywhere! We are overrun, we are dying. Send […]

The Call

It’s strange, but I’ve been waiting here for almost a day now, yet time is passing swiftly. We man the lines, we guard the street, and we wait. It’s what […]

The Swordsman

They had been pinned down for 6 hours, taking heavy fire from the enemy artillery. Since the left flank fell two days ago their position had been shaky. Now it […]


With a barely audible grunt the spike arcs over his head and embeds into the rock. The wind whips around his shoulders, threatening to pull him to his death. But […]

Planetary Data File

Subject :4th Planet of the Kataan System Class :delta-landa class (Reclaimed Dead World) Population :~12,000,000 Background Determined as the least hostile of the Dead System of Kataan, the 4th planet […]