Project Overview

Ever since I first saw the super heavy tanks in an Epic battle report in White Dwarf 163 (my first ever White Dwarf.. Assault of Barbarus I think it was called?), I've been coming up with lots of variations I'd like to create myself. The problem is that because of the size, a lot of effort has to go into scratch building one, or a hell of a lot of money invested into something you're going to hack up on a whim.

So I thought I'd have a go at a modular version, inspired by Clouseau's modular rhino/variants. I know Armorcast did a sort of modular superheavy many years ago, but really it was just a weapon swap between Baneblade and Shadowsword, plus I wasn't overly impressed with the quality, certainly not compared to the stuff Forgeworld is kicking out these days. Plus age means rarity which means daft prices on ebay. So like I said, I thought I'd scratchbuild my own.

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