The body is obviously a cadian with a sgts head. I've started work on the trench coat, but it needs more work (folds, smoothing, lapels, collar). I'm not going to put sleeves on it though, I like the idea of the shoulder pads staying and just wearing an armless coat.

I'm going to model a cap on later too, and in his left hand he'll have a power sword when I find one I like.

The bike has had a bit of work to it. The mud guards have all gone and the rear wheel is held on with a rather flimsy looking strut. The front I've put on the extended forks, and the front wheel does exist, it's just sat on my desk somewhere. The front wheel is a lot thinner than it was originally.

I need to find a decent headlight to go on this thing, then the back mud-guard will have a pack of somesort attached.

Been on a back burner for a while, but quite keen to get it finished.

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