The beginning

So I'm in with both feet. Or technically one foot, since that's where I started. I doodled loads of designs for a foot before recollection hit me. A spot of rummaging in the spare bedroom and I found my 2nd edition box. What better to use for my 2nd ed inspired gargant than the foot or gork (or was it mork?) from the dark millenium psychic powers template. The foot happened to be exactly the size I wanted.

The shell is going to be a traditional 3 layered jobby, not unlike the great gargants of epic. I think I might even put in the rounded patch on the third tier as a tribute. I'm going to build it in a modular fashion so I can disassemble it should the need arise. No interiors though and no alternate parts. I want to get this thing finished!

As mentioned, I'm basing this on mousemuffin's style. His Stompa and Mekgargant are frankly awesome. I don't expect to get close to his finished product (well he cheats, he can paint), but the structure and shell idea was too good to resist. One of the reasons I've not done a gargant till now is I didn't want a square boxy thing.

I've started attaching the skin and it seems to be working. I've tried a variety of plasticard thicknesses but couldn't get the shape. So I've gone with thickish card stock and it's working a treat. It's held in place with glue and 1inch pins, which also serve as rivets. Canny huh?

Finally I've made a start on the belly gun. I'll be honest, I have worries about it toppling the whole thing forward since it'll weigh a lot more than the finished gargant. However it'll be so low to the ground I reckon I could get away with a stand underneath. For me the charm in the gargant design is the fact it looks like it should fall over and explode at any moment!

Final shot for today is a scale shot with grot Barry. The finished product will be about 40-45cm tall depending on what I do with the head and how snugly I fit the feet. But all is progressing well.

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