Praetorian – Veteran Grenadiers

The other item from March’s BoB was a squad of veterans. These guys are grenadiers kitted out with carpace armour, shotguns and a bank of special weapons.

Colours are going to be standard for vets in my army, so the command squads and the like will have the tan trousers instead of the blue of the rank and file. Shotguns I found as a conversion somewhere, I think Life of Shan on DakkaDakka. I’ll update this with a link when I have net access at home! Quite cool flamer/lasgun hybrids that look kind of like big spas 12 type things.

Every model is converted to some extent, all the bodies are slimmed down scouts, pith helmets are from Col. Gravis, sculpted far beyond my skill level.

As is often the case when I’m painting the individual models I get a bit disheartened at my own abilities, but always really like the final group effect. As someone said quantity has a quality all of its own!

Not quite sure on the BoB plan for April. I’m thinking ogryns and a hellhound but I’m still juggling figures (and need to figure out how much time I’ll have for construction without making it a last desperate gasp on the painting).

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