Attack Trike

Originally I was converting my spare SM Bike into a regular Attack Bike with sidecar, but after visiting Clouseauscorner I got inspired by his amazing 4 wheel buggy.

I didn't have the parts to build one of them, and not having the cash flow to buy bits for conversions I decided to brain storm and see what I came up with. This is the result.

Construction is very simple. I removed the rear wheel, then cut out the exhausts on both sides. Fitted a flat piece of card where the exhausts were, made a hole, ran an axle through and bunged a wheel on each side.

The rear is just a seat from a WW2 kit with the gunner I converted for the Attack Bike (just a bike marine body on a pair of MK6 legs hacked and repositioned then epoxy puttyed). Then a small stand and a quick knife job on the back of the melta finish it off.

The front end is tweaked slightly as the bike didn't really balance (aesthetically) with the front faring on. So I cut it down so I could keep the light, then attached the bolters to the front wheel arch. And that's it.

A very simple conversion I'm sure you'll agree, but I quite like it and it's a unique model for my now 2 piece Ravenwing Army.

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