The Evil Enemy

A new project! This time I’ve been inspired by the cartoons of my childhood in the early 1980’s. I’d been thinking about doing a sci-fi force away from the 40k stuff, something to give me free rein over the design choices. Then I saw Kolonel Zanzibar over at East Riding Miniatures and knew it was going to be a GIJoe/Action Force Cobra inspired army.

I rummaged around for a name for a while and came up with COBALT. The acronym will be completed in due course (whether it can top MASK’s villain V.E.N.O.M. – viciously evil network of mayhem, I don’t know, but I’ll try!). Cobalt worked in my head because of the colour blue, had a nice round sound to it, and more importantly would let me use all kind of elemental puns and references throughout the army. Huzzah!

So with my commander figure already set I wanted some other commanders. I had a Moonfleet scientist I wanted to use as some kind of crazy doctor/chemist type. Then I found a Nazi German female who just begged to be Baronesque. I’ve just received a few models from Artizan, I’m hoping I’ll get a Destroesque guy out of there too.

The troops are based around CP Models fed troopers. The blue COBALT Troopers are all Mk2 (which I find a little odd, since they seem a lot more rudimentary than the larger mk1’s) with Pig Iron heads. Then the red Cadmium Guard are mk1 troops with the new modern Pig Iron heads. Finally the big green guy (Iridium Corps.. getting the idea yet?) is from Dust Tactics with yet another Pig Iron head.

I’m going to do proper break downs of each unit type with full details at a later date, but for now here’s where things stand:

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