Possessed Warband

Whilst I wait for my free company box to arrive so I can complete my human mercenaries, I’ve planned out my next warband!

I’m going to do a Possessed band, initially based around cultists but with a view to add in beastmen at a later date.

I spent about an hour last night planning out the group, picking the miniatures and getting them ordered. Hopefully they’ll all arrive next week!

The Magister is this Reaper cleric:

Unfortunately Reaper charge a bloody fortune to ship to the uk (the model is £3.19, shipping is £9) and it’ll take 2-3 weeks. Sod that, found one on eBay for 4quid delivered. Woo. Going to change the left hand for a suitably evil looking sword (open to suggestions).

I’ve gone for 1 Possessed. Was going to do more but I like the idea of more cultists. After shopping around I came up with Mutant Grant from Hasslefree:

He’s obviously intended to be modern, but I think with a slight change to the trousers and glove he’ll be fine. He’s got a Great Claw mutation of course!

Next is a Mutant, this time from Heresy:

He’s the alternate head version of Sebastien, the hero emo-mage. I plan to remove an arm and give him a Tentacle mutation, then a small axe in the other hand. Should fit nicely with…

Two sets of 3 Bretheren. One lot have got spears, the others I’ll convert to have bows/axe.

I’ve wanted to use the Tunnel Guard for ages and couldn’t find a reason. I’ve gone for the random assortment of heads too to keep it interesting.

And if I’ve added up right the whole kaboodle is 500gc. And only cost about £25. Woo.

Pics and further details when they arrive.

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