Small Terraced Houses

Starting Out

I spent a long time trying to figure out an easy way to do brick patterns for buildings. I think long term I’m going to use the same etched plastic sheet that everyone uses. But that stuff’s pretty expensive when you’re doing a table so I wanted to try the manual way.

The walls are made from 3mm foamed pvc that Antenociti’s sell. Bit thicker than I wanted but it’s all I had around. I’ve since ordered a big pile of the 2mm to save my wrists when cutting.

Then using a metal marking tool I scribed the bricks. Bloody hundreds of them, in a Flemish bond pattern. Which I really like the end result of, but bugger me it’s tedious to do and plays havoc with your hands.

Anywho here’s the first house, a small one designed to be an end terrace. Then there will be two more slightly narrower ones for mid terraces, and another like this but mirrored for the other end.

Click to zoom

Just hope I can keep up the steam (arf) for the others.

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