Nearly There!

As with a lot of my project blogs these days I'm jumping in at the end since I wasn't sure how successful it'd be! Turns out I'm rather happy with the results, so he gets a blog.

The AoBR warboss is pretty damned shiney, and I like it a lot. However he's far too growly and animal like for my rather happier comic grots. The first step therefore was to ditch the head. I love the big iron gobbed nob, so I bagged his. Does mean that nob will have a slightly oversized shouty head, but we'll deal with that later.

Wasn't a big fan of the scarecrow look of the warbosses left arm, so I chopped that and dropped it down with a bit of greenstuff to smooth it over. Then I removed the big shoota and tried to carve into the arm to get the shape of the hand back. Reasonably successful.

Then I started adding stuff!

The right hand just has something from the top of a marine tank (possibly part of the hk missile?) strapped on to be the kff controller. The right shoulder pad is of course just a shin guard from a dreadnought, the left shoulder has a ravenwing searchlight (as Murray always says, "ow you gonna nick stuff if you can't find it?").

Around the back we have the KFF itself. This is made from the guns from an AT43 kolossus, with the shocks from some wheeled 1/35th military model. Couple of wheel nuts cap the coils, and gas tanks I think from a sentinel. Also a tow hook, so Murray can drag the really heavy loot home.

One of my favourite parts is the toolkit hidden underneath. Murray's quite proud of that, having nicked it from a fully functional baneblade last week. (he's going back for the battlecannon tomorrow).

All that's left to do is the guitar wire to link the kff controller to the backpack and some rivets on the boots and I think we're done.

As I say, very happy with the feel of this, weighty and has real presence, but still retains the character I'm going for in my grots. Just need to make up his two ladz mobs ("da a team" and "da uvver a team").

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