For my Praetorians I wanted a suitably styled tank. After rummaging around for a bit I ended up in WW2 Russia (as you do). Their stuff seemed to be suitably old school without me having to build a Mk1. The obvious choice was a KV2, which of course led me back to the ragnarok. Nifty huh?

Regarding the name, I figured since it’s technically a Leman Russ (ragnaroks had no lascannon and just heavy stubbers in the sponsons iirc) I thought it’d be nice to call it a variant pattern Leman Russ. Naming it after Bromhead seemed fitting.

The Chimeras, when I design them, will be Chard pattern. Then all the tanks in the army will be numbered after the serial numbers of the rourke’s drift VC winners as a little nod to the army’s roots.