Ragnarok (Bromhead Pattern Leman Russ)
Ragnarok Leman Russ


The turret is pretty much done. There’s a searchlight and stubber to go on there, but not until painting is done. I also need to detail the commander, but I’m undecided on what headgear he should be waiting. I was edging away from pith helmet, but then I saw Col. Gravis’s leman russ commander and he looks awesome, so who knows.

I had to include the lasgun on the back though, surely that’s obligatory.

The hull detailing has started at the front. Quite happy with that, though most of it will be hidden behind a monster of a dozer blade. Prodded around the rear, but not making huge progress yet.

Also started on the sponsons. I reckon if the track arced down onto the top of the lower road wheels you could just about fit a man in the sponsons. Fortunately the side skirts hide a multitude of sins ;). The sponson turrets are in fact nosecones from model plane kits. I bought a bag of nosecones from ebay for a couple of quid, most useful. I’m going to mount heavy flamers on the front, mainly because I’m running low on bolters heh. I’ll magentize them so if I ever do start playing and want to swap them out I can.

The hull will extend across the top of the trackguards behind the sponson turrets, which will hold it all together better. Then I’ll detail the side of the skirts with access flaps and we should be getting there.

Ragnarok Leman Russ
Lasgun Conversion
Ragnarok Wheels
Ragnarok Front Elevation
Ragnarok Rear
Ragnarok Front

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