Current Plans

Just a quick run down of the current ideas bubbling around in my head.

Town square. This one is next, I’ve ordered some pre-cast 1inch square floor pieces to save me casting them (shame they don’t do the 1″ by 1/2″ I need for the watchhouse). It’s going to be a raised square with steps all around and a small slope to get carts up (for market day!).

The basic idea is I’m going to build it in such a way it will double is a chess board. Then I’ll build a chess set from dwarves and probably greenskins to be traditional. Should be a nice showpiece when I eventually sort out some cabinets to store these things in.

Waterwheel. There’s going to be a canal in the town to give me opportunity for bridges and docks and so on. One thing I really want to add is a waterwheel. Next to a mill or something, bit fuzzy on the finer details.

Mordheim gangs. So I don’t game, never have really, but I thought it’d be a shame to not at least have a couple of gangs for this scenery. So I’ve bought a few dwarf warriors I’m going to convert into a treasure hunter band. Not sure what the others will be, probably just humans of some description.

Bloodbowl. I started a bloodbowl pitch a while ago. I’m thinking I might try and turn it into a stadium and use it as double or even quadruple tile for the board. Would fit the style quite nicely and follow the theme of the chess set of “useful” terrain pieces. We’ll see.

Things are moving along well, despite a couple of holidays in the past few weeks. Very happy at how easy to paint the watchtower roof was. Painting is always my major bugbear. I have dozens of unpainted miniatures (ok hundreds, but who’s counting?), and it’s where I always stumble. I want to get the church painted up next just to prove to myself it’s easy. Then we should be ok!

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