Da (little) Big Boss

First update, but actually pretty much done, just never got around to taking photos before now. The main body is of course just a mega armoured nob, with a grot sitting where the head normally goes.

Right arm is just a normal power klaw, but the one I got off eBay had two claws removed, so I replaced them with some chunky ork sword pieces.

The right arm is a classic hop-splat gun I got on eBay a while back. Was going to use it as a big gun, but it was just too weedy compared to the newer models. So I decided to use it for my boss. I really love the detail on this thing, lots of little cogs and wheels all over it. I've added a chunky piston to the back to give it support, then covered the join with a couple of shoulder pads.

The armour plate is my favourite bit. Again from the hop-splatt gun, it was just screaming to be used as something's face. I added an ork jaw plat to it, then a target for the eye piece (he is a mek after all), and it was pretty much there.

Lots of time was spent getting the grots arms to fit and look like they mimic the pose of the limbs they're controlling. Not a lot of room behind the armour plate. I used guitar strings for the controls though and I'm really happy with the finished look.

Armour plate is just blue tacked on at the mo to give me access for painting. Which will start soon.

All that's left to do is do something with the grots head to try and give it a more modern feel (he is a goblin afterall), then attach the banner pole I'm working on, and bob's your mother's brother.

I'm really happy with the profile, looks like he's marching forward, leaning towards the enemy whilst trying to counterbalance the big armourplate

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