Praetorian – Truck

Just to really confuse matters, my Praetorian Guard are going to have an auxillary squad consisting of Cadians. But no ordinary Cadians, these are 'proper' Cadian Shock Troops from back in the day. I thought their retro styling and shorter stature fitted better with the Praets than my KIV plastic Cadian army.

As such I wanted to get these guys a chimera that didn't look like it belonged to the Praetorian motor pool. I doubt they'd hand out shiny APCs to drafted squads when some of their own guys are still slogging it out on foot.

Like pretty much every IG modeller who has seen Dave Taylor's blog, I fell in love with his trucks and wanted my own. Happening to have an ork trukk laying around in its box meant the whole thing was fated to be! I didn't use the templates from Dave's site, not a big fan of building things to plan (as you may have guessed 😉 ), so I'm winging it by eye. I want it to look similar, but I wanted the flexibility to make my own changes. Something that's easily overlooked if you're cutting out pieces and assembling as instructed.

Here's where we are so far, the ork chassis is stripped and assembled, the bed is started.

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Loads to do obviously, but it's a start!

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