At time of writing I've literally spent about an hour on this thing, so it's all very much WIP, as you'd expect.

The parts are probably really obvious, but to spell it out. The legs and chassis come from the robogear Spider kit. I used the rear two pairs of legs, and removed the back part of the chassis to turn it into a four legged beastie. The body is of course a fantasy battle ogre. The engine is an ork dreadnought engine. The heavy bolter is from an attack bike.

As mentioned, the plan was for this to be a gun servitor, hence the HB. However if it becomes a sentinel then I'll swap that. My favourite weapon for aesthetics is the autocannon, but it just looks too long on this model, so possibly just a multilaser? We'll see how it works out.

Very rudimentary green stuff has been applied. I just wanted to block out the areas and get the main chunks dry and solid (especially the torso/engine link). Once they start being detailed it should look a bit better.

Rather nasty surgery to fit the base of the bionic eye, since I drilled out to get it to fit. Should work nicely though. Actually the same style I'm using on my grots, so it must be good!

More updates when I have them.

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