Just got a spare twenty minutes to spend on this today. I've started adding some shape to the greenstuff, a stomach has appeared. Also building up the shoulders. The right shoulder is just going to carry the sentinel chainsaw thing. I've decided this will be a sentinel, so the left shoulder is going to carry a multilaser. However I've ordered some little magnets from eBay, so I plan to use them to mount the weapon, giving me the choice of changing it later.

Also started the skull cap plate thing. Not much detail yet, going to try and give it a raised edge once the base has dried.

That's about it really, lots of bulking up and smoothing, but lots more to do around the join on the chassis. Oh the holes in the top of the legs are for guitar string which will be the link between the legs and the body, just trying to give the thing a more mechanical look. Er, more than it already is of course. Enjoying working on this, hope to get it finished asap.

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