More bits!

Another order has just arrived from the terrain store. They do precast hirst arts blocks at a very reasonable rate, this little pile was about 12quid I think. The casts […]

Brewery Base

Done a bit more to the brewery base. I appreciate this blog isn’t really showing the whole picture, so I’ll try and take more explanatory photos. This is the type […]

Church Roof

Hah, sounds like it should be a fundraising event. However the church roof is started, has been for a while. I’m really happy with the whole church, the dimensions are […]

And we’re back!

Woo. The site is back online at last. I’m not quite finished, the army lists section needs a little tweaking, so I’ve turned off account registration (the only part of […]

Current Plans

Just a quick run down of the current ideas bubbling around in my head. Town square. This one is next, I’ve ordered some pre-cast 1inch square floor pieces to save […]

Church Walls

The church now has the real wall sorted. I’m not 100% happy with the design of the front corner, but I think suitably detailed and painted it should be ok. […]

Random Postage

Quick random one. Was in the range (a rather useful hobby/stuff shop) the other day and bought a little case for all my hirst arts casts. Works really well, much […]

Watch Tower

Working on the railings for the top of the watch tower. I think it should look pretty good when done. Ideally want to do diagonal cross pieces as well, but […]