Minor random diversion. GWpertinent is running a compo for the oldest 40k model in your collection, but it got me thinking about my old fantasy models. I dug out these […]


Church Rebuild

Right last night I demolished the left wall of the church, really wasn’t happy with it, nothing was aligned and all a bit ropey. So knocked it down and rebuilt […]

New Mould

Excellent, my new mould from TerraScenic arrived this morning. It’s their broken cobblestone mould, which I’m planning on using for the courtyards at the brewery and watch house for starters. […]



One of my piles of components. Mostly from Antenociti’s Workshop, though the mordheim bits are from an ebay bitz lot. Also have a rather impressive pile of cast hirst arts […]



This is going to be the biggest building so far (not including the church). Four storeys tall, with a balcony and some rather cool wooden detail work. Plenty to do […]


Watch House

I’m going to love this when it’s done, I just know it. Will be very hard to describe. Basically this is the watch tower, then it will be linked by […]



My favourite building so far, the church. Currently looks like a ruin, but it won’t be when it’s done. Far too many destroyed churches in wargaming if you ask me. […]