New Stuff

I do like new stuff. Especially when it’s stuff I’ve paid for ages ago, that makes it even better! Just got my moas through from the Phoenix Club, and they’re […]

The Site

Ok, I think it’s time to stop messing around with the site. I’m happy with most of it, still need to sort a preloader for the flash but other than […]

News System

ight then, hopefully this news system is up and running. Ok I say news system, but really it’s just an rss feed from a livejournal. But it seems to be […]

DIY Ripperguns

Since the release of the Warhammer Ogres hundreds of people have been doing conversions into Ogryns, what with the lack of decent ogryn models. Granted the new ones are on […]

Matrix Style APU

If you’ve visited Work In Progress you’ve probably seen fitmanb’s fantastic Matrix style APUs in the guard tutorials section. They’re a combination of a Sentinel and some choice pieces of […]

Airfix Robogear

Someone over on the WIP boards showed a picture of a “huntsman” sentinel, which was basically a conversion of an airfix kit crossed with a standard IG sentinel. The result […]

Tier 2

Started the second tier. First isn't completely done, but the skin is finished and I've started getting my head around securing the belly gun. Needs to be braced against the […]